my sweet baby boy.

Wedding & rehearsal place cards just shipped out. Casual, yet elegant.

A watercolor piece I did made for a friend.

Been working on some wedding envelopes for the past few weeks. Used watered down Daler Rowney Pro White ink on Kraft Paper envelopes. This is my formal modern script mixed with casual print.

Good Night Print, acrylic on thick watercolor paper.

Hanging above Micah’s crib. More colorful versions are in the works.

Magazine Collages: In high school I bought a cheap children’s book from the thrift store and collaged around the story. Each collage told a different story of what I was feeling, so this is circa 2005/2006 & full of angst.

Quick pixel art I made of a Rainbow Rooster. :)

Quick pixel art I made of a Rainbow Rooster. :)

A little pixel arts I made a while ago, so appropriate this beautiful spring-like morning.

Life Lately:

- Delicious greek yogurt, fruit, granola, flaxseed breakfasts

- Finished knitting Micah’s baby blanket. This is the statement piece for his mostly neutral nursery

- Had been working on a couple logo designs for a friend, this is my favorite. Unfortunately, this one didn’t get picked, but that’s the nature of design

A Fine February Weekend

This weekend was very full of making things with my hands. I made a watercolor print for a friend…

and then some insanely delicious turtle cupcakes…

here’s the link to the recipe if you wanna try it: Turtle Cupcakes

and here’s a shot of our wall art gallery just cause I love this area of our house.