Good Night Print, acrylic on thick watercolor paper.

Hanging above Micah’s crib. More colorful versions are in the works.

Magazine Collages: In high school I bought a cheap children’s book from the thrift store and collaged around the story. Each collage told a different story of what I was feeling, so this is circa 2005/2006 & full of angst.

Quick pixel art I made of a Rainbow Rooster. :)

Quick pixel art I made of a Rainbow Rooster. :)

A little pixel arts I made a while ago, so appropriate this beautiful spring-like morning.

Life Lately:

- Delicious greek yogurt, fruit, granola, flaxseed breakfasts

- Finished knitting Micah’s baby blanket. This is the statement piece for his mostly neutral nursery

- Had been working on a couple logo designs for a friend, this is my favorite. Unfortunately, this one didn’t get picked, but that’s the nature of design

A Fine February Weekend

This weekend was very full of making things with my hands. I made a watercolor print for a friend…

and then some insanely delicious turtle cupcakes…

here’s the link to the recipe if you wanna try it: Turtle Cupcakes

and here’s a shot of our wall art gallery just cause I love this area of our house.

watercolor doodles.

my pregnant valentine’s.

Valentine’s card for my love.

Valentine’s card for my love.

So I just finished up designing, addressing & packaging up all our baby shower invites. 

I spent a little bit of time designing the actual invites in Photoshop. Then started working on the calligraphy for the envelopes. I ransacked my mom’s old craft room & grabbed all the blank envelopes I could find. Which was great, I love the mis-matched envelopes. I’m always keeping an eye out for random blank envelopes at thrift stores. Zach helped me make a stamp for the back of the invites - we pulled something together really quickly in Illustrator, printed it out, traced it onto the rubber & started chipping away. And then I sealed everything off with some washi tape.

Zach & I walked to the post office & dropped ‘em in, but not until we’d scored some sweet Harry Potter stamps for them. :)